Welcome to kitchenholistics

This blog is all about good food and good living.  It encorporates food, travel, nutrition and green living.  You’ll find recipes using natural, local and sometimes wild ingredients that provide the body with quality nutrients; for me the joy of preparing food starts way before I step into the kitchen and sometimes half the fun is in sourcing the ingredients.  Due to my background as a chef and having also trained in Holistic Nutrition I believe that food should nourish both body and soul; food should be a pleasure and the occasional indulgence of something sweet and sticky absolutely encouraged, it’s all about balance and good quality ingredients.  I also firmly believe what we use on our bodies is as important as what we put in them, and that provided with the right environment and nourishment, both contributing to optimum nutrition, we can rely less on modern medication and that the body can self heal. 

Living well to me means living simply, being mindful of how our lives impact on our environment and favouring quality over quantity to achieve wellbeing in terms of physical, psychological and social aspects.  It means living a full life with quality relationships, memorable experiences through travel and of course good food and wine!