Food and cooking has taken the spotlight in my life since I was a young child.  As a toddler I was apparently never happier than occupied with a bowl and a few ingredients to mix up and by age five I could be found on a stool at the stove cooking up (questionable) concoctions, through the years using my sister and parents as culinary guinea pigs.  Naturally I’ve always worked in hospitality both in kitchens and front of house and at 19 opened a small bistro coffee bar in my hometown, selling up after six and half successful years to explore adventures new.  As I was self taught I then went on to complete a Diploma in Professional Cookery and have worked in various chef roles throughout Devon since. As nutrition has long been another passion in my life along with cooking, in 2016 I qualified as a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor, with the aim in the future of combining the two within another venture.  But for now we are travelling the world….

My partner and I live on a sailing boat (see sister blog here) and are currently travelling by sea, searching for the endless summer.  We try and live sustainably, using wind to travel and solar for energy, as much as possible, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.  I make a lot of our natural cleaning products and cosmetics of which you’ll find in the Wellness and Simple Living section.

I believe in simplifying our lives by reducing our use of unnecessary chemicals in household and body products, in the food we eat, and the environment around us, we limit the impact on our bodies and obviously our planet.

A simple life is a good life.


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