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I think that food should nourish both body and soul; food should be a pleasure and the occasional indulgence of something sweet and sticky absolutely encouraged. It’s about balance and good quality, natural ingredients.  

For me the joy of preparing food starts long before I step into the kitchen and sometimes half the fun is in sourcing the ingredients.  In the Food and Recipes section you’ll find recipes using natural, local and often wild foods, that provide the body with quality nutrients.

I also firmly believe what we use on our bodies and in our environment is as important as what we put in them; loading the system with man made, synthetic chemicals isn’t necessary and taxes the body of vital nutrients in processing them.  Nature provides safe, non toxic alternatives that work in harmony with your body, recipes for which you’ll find in Wellness and Simple Living.  

Qualifying as a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor in 2016 gave me the knowledge on how a holistic approach can help achieve optimum health and wellbeing. The Health and Nutrition section is where you’ll find information on how nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve your health.

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Living well to me means living simply, being mindful of how our lives impact on our environment and favouring quality over quantity to achieve wellbeing in terms of physical, psychological and social aspects. It means living a full life with quality relationships, memorable experiences and of course good food and wine!

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My husband and I have lived on a sailing boat (see sister blog here) for the past 3 years and are currently travelling by sea, so far clocking up over 10,000 miles taking us from England to the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic, through the Caribbean Islands and up the East Coast of America.

  We try and live sustainably; collecting rainwater to wash and drink, fishing and foraging, shopping locally, using wind to travel and solar for energy, helping keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

In simplifying our lives by reducing our use of unnecessary chemicals in household and body products, in the food we eat, and the environment around us, we limit the impact on our bodies and obviously our planet.

I believe that in working with nature rather than against it, living mindfully, nurturing our planet and nourishing our minds, we can holistically improve health and optimise wellbeing. 


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