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Aloe & Lavender Kombucha Facial Toner

I have a constant batch of Kombucha brewing and occasionally find that the end of the second ferment goes a little far and ends up too ‘vinegary’, so rather than braving the sour first thing this morning I made this toner. I’ve been using Raw Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner lately (half and half… Continue reading Aloe & Lavender Kombucha Facial Toner

Health & Nutrition

Seasonal Eating, Organic and Growing Your Own

Eating foods that are in season and local is really important to me and I can’t stress enough the benefits to your body and overall wellbeing.  Here are some reasons to try and make the majority of your diet as local, seasonal and ideally organic,as possible: ~Maximum nutrition ~Less food miles ~Support of local business… Continue reading Seasonal Eating, Organic and Growing Your Own