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Sticky Date & Nut Flapjacks

Sailing uses up a lot of energy.  Even if for the majority of the time you aren’t doing a lot the constant motion means your muscles are always working to correct your balance and we always arrive at our destination feeling pretty tired!  Having lots of nice food on hand not only keeps your energy levels up but helps pass the time during a long passage.

I made these flapjacks today as tomorrow we have a 12 hour sail to the Bay of Cadiz, leaving at 5am.  Using natural, unrefined sugars in place of the regular white stuff and having a high nut ratio, means they’ll provide long lasting and nutritious energy without the sugar crash later.


Makes 8 squares

100g oats

100g nuts of your choice (I used 50/50 pecan and brazil)

2 heaped tbsp rice flour

100g dates

2 tbsp raw honey

30g xylitol (100% natural birch bark sugar substitute)

80g butter or coconut oil

Blend or finely chop the dates and add to a pan along with the butter or oil, honey and xylitol.  Heat gently until melted and stir until the dates combine into a runny paste with the fat.

Blend the nuts (or very finely chop) and add to the date mixture with the oats and rice flour, mixing thoroughly.

Line a 6×9″ tray with parchment and spread the oat mix evenly, pushing down to hold together.

Bake at 180c for 15-20 minutes until golden on top.  Cut into squares whilst still warm.


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