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Sticky Date & Pecan Balls with Toasted Sesame

We had some sweet toothed friends coming over to the boat yesterday, so I made these to have with coffee.  The combination of sweet date and nutty, toasted sesame was an experiment but something I’ll definitely use again.


Makes 20-25 balls:


100g pecans

120g soft dates

1 tbsp. raw honey (or maple for vegan)

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

1 heaped tbsp. sugar free peanut butter

4 heaped tbsp. sesame seeds


In a dry frying pan toast your sesame seeds until lightly golden.  Keep stirring them to get an even colour as once the oils start to release they will clump up, and can burn easily!  Leave to cool.

In a food processor blend the pecans until fine, then add in chopped dates and pulse until nearly combined.

Add in the vanilla, honey and peanut butter and process until fully blended and the mixture starts to ball together.

Take teaspoon sized amounts and roll between your palms into balls.  Pop these into the cooled sesame seeds and shake around to coat, giving them a final roll between your hand to press the seeds in.

Firm up in the fridge for 15 minutes, but then are best eaten at room temperature.


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