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One Pan Wonder

Each week most of us inevitably end up with quite a few bowls of leftovers in the fridge, that if you’ve got a conscience you just can’t throw away.  I can’t call this dish a recipe in any way but it is a quick and healthy way of turning all those bits and bobs into a meal that is full of flavour and always a crowd pleaser.

The basic idea is to cook it all up into a sort of hash, like bubble n squeak with a difference.  As I said, this isn’t a recipe or even anything new, just a bit of inspiration for using up food that would otherwise be destined for the bin (we always think of it as a free meal too because you haven’t spent anything to make it).

So I’ll usually start with some diced red onion, then any veg I’ve got to hand such as mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, thinly shredded cabbage…also any root veg from the bottom of the basket that’s passable such as carrots, parsnips, celeriac, just grate it all up and chuck that in.  Saute for a few minutes in a large heavy based frying pan with some olive oil until it has some colour, then add in your leftovers, sometimes I add some chorizo.  There’s normally some brown rice in the fridge, and some lentils or chickpeas from a batch I’ve cooked at the beginning of the week, so they’ll go in.  I’ll put different spices in each time but it’s usually something like paprika or fennel seeds, or cumin.  Maybe some soy sauce, or quite often a splash of fish sauce.  You can add in any combination you think might work, the idea is that it’s always experimental and turns out completely different each time!  Put a lid on and leave to heat through until piping hot, stirring every so often, I sometimes add in a handful of frozen peas near the end.

Just before serving I’ll throw in chopped fresh herbs such as parsley or coriander and a squeeze of lemon juice and season well, then I’ll serve it in big bowls topped with a combination of seeds, chopped nuts, sprouted alfalfa, hot chilli sauce or a drizzle of balsamic glaze.  Quite often I’ll top it with a fried or poached egg, or make a thin herb omelette and slice it up to go on top.

And that’s it really.  Nothing special, just a rustic dish with loads of flavour and lot’s of nourishment that’s got a good balance of protein and complex carbs.  It’s always one of the tastiest meals I’ve made all week.


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