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Iced Summer Berry & Mint Whip

This is the easiest and quickest way to make ‘icecream’…it literally takes two minutes and is really good for you, bursting with antioxidant rich berries and cooling mint, rather than being full of sugar and artificial flavourings like many shop bought varieties.

We’ve just been for a hike up a big hill here in Spain and it’s 28°c!  The view was worth it though out over the entrance to the Ria da Muros we’re anchored in.  When we got back to the boat we were so hot and sticky I made this to cool us down.


medium handful frozen summer berries (150-200g)

4 heaped tbsp full fat Greek Yogurt

1 heaped tbsp raw honey

a few fresh mint leaves, roughly chopped


Put everything in a blender and whiz on high speed until fully combined and smooth.  Eat asap as it melts quickly, or pop back in the freezer until needed and take out a few minutes before serving.


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