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Fresh Ginger Cordial

We had an overnight sail ahead of us and on this trip previously I’d started to feel quite queasy.  This time I went prepared with this potent fresh ginger mix, ready to use if even a hint of sea sickness started.  It’s not difficult to make, but is really effective for settling an upset stomach.

1 largeish piece of fresh ginger root

boiling water

juice of 1 lemon

1 tbsp of raw honey

Peel the ginger, using a spoon to scrape off the thin skin is the best way, and finely chop.  In a heatproof jug pour boiling water over the ginger, up to about a half pint.  Leave to steep for a few hours, or overnight.  When cool blend with the honey and lemon and pour into a sterilised bottle.  It will keep for a good few weeks in the fridge.

This makes a very spicy, potent ginger base cordial, ready to add to soda water with some lime slices and ice (rum optional!).  Better than shop bought sugar loaded ginger beer any day!


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