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Herbal Surface Spray

This herbal surface spray is non toxic, totally natural and perfect for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.  You can use any herbs you like the smell of but I’ve used lavender for a natural anti bacterial action, along with lemon balm and mint for freshness.  The vinegar cuts through grease and is deodorising.  The borax gives it a natural disinfecting and stain removing power and also inhibits mould formation.  Borax is 100% natural and breaks down completely in the environment.  *Due to some sort of EU regulations you can no longer buy real Borax, but you can get Borax Substitute, which is pretty much the same thing.*  

handful of fresh herbs of choice

2 tbsp Borax

2 tbsp distilled white wine vinegar

20 drops of essential oil (optional) such as tea tree, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus etc

Put the herbs in a bowl and pour 500ml hot, but not boiling, water over.  Cover and leave to steep for 5-7 days.  Strain, making sure to gently squeeze out the moisture from the herbs, and decant into a spray bottle.  Add in the Borax, vinegar and essential oil if using, and shake to mix.

Shake gently before using.



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