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Super Soft Almond Face Scrub

Winter weather is playing havoc with my skin, it was dry and dull and in desperate need of some TLC!  This gentle face scrub uses ground almonds to gently buff away dead skin cells and coconut oil to provide moisture.  It left my skin feeling incredibly soft and supple.




100g ground almonds

4 tbsp raw organic coconut oil

4-5drops essential oil of choice (I used rose)



Warm half the coconut oil until just melted, mix with almonds and remaining oil until a thick paste forms and add essential oil.  You don’t have to use any essential oils but it’s a nice idea to add oils that target skin types for example:

Frankincense – toner and evens skin tone

Lavender – great for scarring

Geranium – helps regulate oil production

Rose – great for dry or ageing skin

This keeps really well due to the oil content however it does go hard due to the solid nature of the coconut oil, but will soften on warm skin.




2 thoughts on “Super Soft Almond Face Scrub

  1. Had never thought of using almonds with coconut oil before. I’m definitely going to have to try this out – thank you!

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