Wellness & Simple Living

The importance of friendship and a holistic life

We are in France staying with our friends who moved out here last year.  We’ve had such a lovely week with lots of walking, drinking wine, long chats and cooking and I’ve been thinking how well and positive I’m feeling, and how much I’ve missed connecting with people who are on exactly the same wavelength!

Last night we collected walnuts from the tree in their field and Helen and I made a big nut and vegetable bake with roasted squash and greens, cooking on their woodfired range.

This morning Ben has gone to do a mornings work with Morgan on a nearby chateau, whilst we are about to head out for another two hour walk (I need the exercise after all the cheese eating!)

Yesterday we went to a Fete de la Pomme in a nearby village and drank some lovely fizzy cider, accompanied by a trombone trio! It was pretty quiet but I like the fact the French can make a celebration out of anything!

It’s our last day here and tonight we’ll cook a feast, drink lots more wine and put the world to rights. Again. I’ve realised it’s so easy to become too involved in your own lives and small worlds we create, it’s so good to bounce ideas off others and talk plans for the future within a constructive environment.  Everything feels fresh again as you see it through others eyes.

A healthy mind is a healthy body…



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