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Smoky Mexican Relish

Smoky Mexican relish



This is a really moreish, blow your head off, rich Mexican salsa. More like a relish really as it’s reduced down so the flavour is more intense than the fresh taste of a salsa.

Serve it on the side of BBQ chicken/pork/prawns etc or with a Mexican spread like I did which included sticky pork belly, cumin spiked black beans, guacamole, sweetcorn salsa, crunchy shredded slaw with rainbow veg, lime infused brown rice, wholemeal wraps and sour cream (needless to say I had food baby twins after!)


The leftovers I had with scrambled eggs and avocado. Surprised I’m not the size of a house.


1 smoked chipotle chilli

2 spring onions

1 medium to large ripe tomato

small bunch coriander stalks

1 fresh red chilli

juice of two limes

2 tsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp soy sauce


Cover the dried chilli in a little boiling water and leave until soft, then blend with the remaining ingredients in a food processor (or with a stick blender in a jug if you want less washing up like I did).

Put in a pan on the hob and simmer until reduced down to a dark, thick relish consistency.


Eat at once (beware the chilli induced sweats) or store in the fridge in a sterilised jar. Should keep for up to 3 weeks.





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